-You love using technology in your classroom but you feel like you’re the only one who “gets-it”.

-You can be a boundary-pusher especially when it comes to trendy and stylish things in your classroom. #trendsetter

-Teaching with technology is a norm for you but you need a place to connect to keep going and stay current.

Girl, I get how you feel. I know I’ve said the same things while teaching {maybe even multiple times a day}. Don’t doubt yourself. I get it and I am here as your sigh of relief and innovation-cheerleader.

I’m Naomi; a former 3rd-grade teacher turned K-5 STEM teacher who hits the snooze button one too many times, loves donuts and uses dry shampoo more than the regular kind. If you're curious to learn more of my story, feel free to click and check it out.

I am a big fan of using technology in the classroom. {but I know you are too; that's why you're here right!?!}.

I've had amazing colleagues over the years who have come into my classroom for tech and “cuteness” advice. So it hit me. I needed to share these ideas with other teachers who crave that same thing. I wanted to create a place that had the feel of a fashion magazine. A place that is trendy and on-point when it comes to technology in the 21st-century classroom.

I’m here to provide you with practical ways to help your elementary students with technology. I know that you love it already, but you can never have too many ideas {especially when you might feel like an island at your school!}

It’s totally cool for your classroom to feel more like a coffee-shop
and less like a playground. Buh-bye primary colors. I DEFINITELY have some easy-to-implement ideas, whether it’s decorating or special events, for you to keep that fresh feeling in your room.

If you want even more technology and style in your classroom, check out my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, Marvelous Ms. M, where you have access to some great resources at your finger-tips.

To connect with other tech-loving teachers, exclusive freebies from the resource library {lesson plans, desktop backgrounds, Instagram quotes, phone wallpapers....} and watch private technology video tutorials, sign up here. 

So…. keep on sipping that grande non-fat vanilla latte Miss Teacher, and feel empowered as the MARVELOUS teacher YOU ARE. 


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