20 Ways to Use Your Apple Watch in the Classroom

Ok, so I totally understand that buying a smartwatch, specifically an Apple Watch isn't a cheap investment. I haven't bought an expensive piece of technology since I first started teaching since I've been lucky to have access to technology in all the schools I've taught.

Well...I caved in an talked myself into buying an Apple Watch...and I justified it by all the ways in which I can use it in my classroom.

And as the good friend I am, I am going to convince you all the reasons why you need it too.

Let's walk through a typical teaching day and how your watch can make your day a bit better.

If you click on the pink words in each list item, I linked to a video or quick post to show you how to set that up for yourself!

There are Amazon affiliate links included in this post. When you purchase through my link, image & text, it's no added cost to you and I get a little kickback in return. Win-win!

1. The night before you get ready for school, have your watch charging on your nightstand and put it in Nightstand Mode. You can quickly see how much time you have before bed and also set an alarm to wake you up after your beauty rest.

2. After you shower, make blow drying your hair less daunting (if it's not a dry shampoo day of course) and connect your wireless headphones and listen to some music to make it go by faster. Trust me. This has been a game changer for me!

3. The original watch bands are super cute, but it's nice to have different options that match your outfits. Below are a few of my favorites. {my affiliate links}

4. You're ready for the day and need a morning pick me up. Use the Starbucks app on your watch and quickly pay for your drink.

5. With coffee in hand and once you're settled into your classroom, turn into a podcast while you sort and organize materials for the day. I'm really loving the STEM Everyday Podcast & Teacherprenuers, Raise Your Hand!

6. As the students are starting to settle into their seats, start a relaxing playlist by connecting to your Apple TV by using the remote feature on your watch. Don't have an Apple TV? Try connecting to a bluetooth speaker instead.

7. Be informed quickly while teaching by having email notifications pop up on your phone. While you can't reply back, this helps you stay connected during the teaching day (I would suggest turning off school notifications before heading home to give yourself some space.)

8. When it's time to take the kids to specials so you can run around during your planning time, there is no need to bring your phone with you. As long as your phone is connected to the school's wifi, then your watch will follow suit. {Bonus points if you have the watch with cellular service!}

9. Use Google Calendars? I sure do at school and at home. You can actually sync up your Google Calendar with your Apple Calendar so all of your events will pop up on your phone. Super helpful if you have days with a different schedule, your watch will buzz and remind you when an event is coming up!

10. Speaking of reminders, when you're running around during your plan time, tell your watch Siri to keep track of those reminders for you! {Stop writing on your hands; you know who you are!}

11. On your way to pick up those kids from specials, check your Activities on your watch and see how many movement calories you got in. It might even remind you to breathe every once and awhile during the day.

12. I love having my watch be my personal assistant with reminders, but sometimes I like being the one in control of my checklists with Google Keep. You can't add anything to your lists with the watch, but you can make yourself feel better about yourself by checking things off your teacher checklists throughout the day. Look at this awesome video by Hello Teacher Lady to make your Google Keep Headers look pretty!

13. Instead of sending a kids to another room to run an errand and ask a question, use the Walkie Talkie feature on your watch to check in with your other watch teacher-buddies to get a quick answer. {Remember: EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU!}

14. Even if you have a weather person job in your classroom, your kids are still going to ask you what the weather will be like for recess (at least in Colorado they do since the weather is so unpredictable all the time). Use the weather app on your watch to do a quick check and inform the class.

15. If it's a nice day at recess, take a class picture before you come in. Don't have anyone to help you? Place your phone on a steady surface and control the camera shutter from your iPhone. You can actually be included in the class photo this time!

16. The school day is almost over before you know it! To help students to manage their time and quickly clean up, use the timer feature on your watch to keep track of that pace.

17. After school, use the maps feature to help you find the nearest Target & Micheal's on the way home to grab some last minute  classroom stuff. Your watch will politely buzz on your wrist when it's time to turn. So cute!

18. Use the Apple wallet to show your Micheal's card to help you get discounts and go ahead with Apple Pay while you're there.

19. Head to the gym before going home. You need some YOU time girl! Close up the green exercise circle on your Activities rings. My gym actually has an Apple Wallet feature where I check in using my watch. I also turn off my Notifications for an hour so I can relax and really focus on my time there.

20. Get home, make some dinner and relax. While you're at it, check your watch for the time. That's the whole reason that you bought a watch, riiiiiight?!?

Let me know how else you use your Apple watch in your classroom and send me a message on Instagram @marvelousmsm

Stay marvelous! 

Naomi from Marvelous Ms. Meredith 

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