Getting Started with Stop Motion in the Classroom

Stop Motion is one of the oldest filming techniques and was viewed as magic of its time. Do you remember Gumby or A Year Without a Santa Claus? Both are examples of intricate stop motion.

So why try stop motion with your students?

  • It brings stationary objects & topics to life
  • You only need minimal tools
  • Teaches patience & problem solving

Even when I have done stop motion with my classes, they even think that their own work is magic as well! I even used paper as the only prop for filming. Students had to create a video to teach others about a given topic. Here is my favorite about the human heart. {No sound.} They took over 200 pictures with tiny movements to make this possible. 

Below are some typical questions that I've been asked when getting started with Stop Motion. 

  • What devices & software do you suggest to use with this resource?  
I would start with iPads or an iPhone. However, the same app can be purchased for Mac & Windows. I use the Stop Motion Studio {Free & Paid iOS app}, however, this resource can apply to any other stop motion app that you might already have.
  • What if I only have a few devices in my classroom?  
Limited supplies shouldn’t limit what you can do with kids. This can be a great opportunity to create stations in your classroom. I do this ALL the time with my STEM classes. I teach you a few others ways to make this happen successfully in your room?
  • I teach in a Gen Ed classroom, is Stop Motion for me?
Y.E.S., YES!!! Technology & STEM should not be limited to just in the “specials” class. This can honestly be used across all content areas.

  • Are there ways to differentiate?  
Definitely. Partnerships help with differentiating A LOT! Often times, my students who struggle with regular classroom instruction thrive with using technology. I would encourage the use of pairs to help with typical problem solving issues as well. Again, using guided tech groups are a great way to meet student learning needs. I find that working with students with technology in smaller settings is highly successful. 
  • What is the youngest that you can start stop motion?
I think that you can go as young as kindergarten, depending on the task. With explicit instructions, the use of guided tech groups, you can definitely use this with all ages. I WOULD NOT suggest whole group with really young students. They can sometimes become lost with multiple steps.

Want more inspiration and guidance? Check out my Stop Motion 101 Resource. 

With over 100+ pages of content, I have put together the ins-and-outs of this tech tool from the teacher's side, ways to implement in all content areas, detailed lesson plans, student resources, examples, vocabulary are more! 

Click here to download it for yourself! 

Stay marvelous!

Naomi from Marvelous Ms. Meredith 

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