DIY Classroom Teleprompters

I love the creativity and rawness when students record their own videos. For most, it takes a lot of practice to be comfortable on camera. {Of course, you have those students are a complete natural and you know they are going to be on TV one day.}

To help students be confident in what they are trying to say and not hide behind their script, here is how you can create your own teleprompter in your classroom. 

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Step 1: Beforehand, students can type their script. Have script displayed on computer in a Google Doc. Make the screen fairly large so it’s easier for them to read.

**If the script isn't typed, that's ok! We have just taped the script right onto the iPad stand as close to the camera as possible so their eyes are looking up for the video. 

Step 2: If there is more than one person talking, highlight each person’s lines in a different color. 

Step 3: Connect a wireless mouse (USB or Bluetooth) and have one of the students scroll down on their script as they are reading so they can control their pace.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice! I had them practice without recording first, then record a round. They then watched and decide on what changes to make for their final recording.

Bonus Steps! Record in front of a green screen. Use an iPad stand to keep the filming steady. Place your “Teleprompter” directly in front of the iPad stand. The best app that is easy for students to use and is worth the money is Green Screen by Do Ink. 

How have you used a teleprompter in your classroom? Let me know and send me a message on Instagram @marvelousmsm

Stay marvelous!

Naomi from Marvelous Ms. Meredith 

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