6 Earth Day Technology Resources You Need To Try

Spring is in the air and it's a great time to remind students of ways that they can continue to take care of the Earth and make a difference. Earth Day is a great celebration of this. In response to that, here are 6 technology resources you need to try to commemorate this day. 

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1. Caring For Our Earth Interactive Notebook: Ditch your paper notebooks for a few days and have students explore and record their thinking with my colorful slides. There are 21 editable templates that you can edit and share in Google Slides. Students will define important vocabulary, a podcast to listen to, make observations about a graph and more! 

2. Dash Life Cycles STEM Project: Have Dash robots in your classroom? Our Earth is filled with so many living things that we should care for. Students will research about a life cycle and code Dash to teach about the life cycle.  

3. Our Planet- Netflix Series: Learn more about our Earth and different species from around the world and how their lives are impacted by humans. It is a series, but you can definitely watch out of order to meet your classroom needs. 

4. Graphic Organizers to Support Books from getepic.com: Epic! books is a free-for-teachers online digital library that has books for any occasion and every learner. Have access to eBooks, read-to-me, audio and videos. With my graphic organizers for Earth Day, it will help students record their thinking and find text that is relevant to Earth Day. 

P.S. I am an Epic! Books Master Teacher. Let me know if you need support getting set up! I have a few videos that I created that might help you get started. 

5. The Lorax Project  After reading or listening to Dr. Seuss' The Lorax,they have a whole website dedicated to helping the Earth and ways kids can take action. This website is definitely worth checking out!

6. The Brains On! Podcast: If you haven't had your kids listen to a podcast yet, this one is great to get started. It's a lot like listening to episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. You can listen directly online from your computer, or connect your phone by using any podcast app. Episodes that are perfect for Earth Day are: 

How do you integrate technology in your Earth Day instruction?  Let me know and send me a message on Instagram @marvelousmsm

Stay marvelous!

Naomi from Marvelous Ms. Meredith 

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