Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I’ve always been an IPhone fan but I’m not always a fan of the stock apps that come with it. {Raise your hand if you use the ‘Stocks’ app on a daily basis?!}

One stock app that I DO take advantage of is the purple Podcasts app.

Here is my go-to list of podcasts that I enjoy. Perfect for long car rides, communing to work or your cardio workouts.

{You can most likely find these podcasts for Android too. I’m just not familiar with their podcast system.}

In no particular order…


This is a fairly new podcast and it’s great when you just want to zone out and have a good laugh.

You would never suspect this duo to do a podcast together, but they actually make a great team. They discuss the most recent Bachelor episode, interview past contestants and give relationship advice to call ins.

I would suggest making sure you are caught up on your episodes BEFORE listening because they will literally go through all the juicy details.


This podcast is newer and of the few education podcasts out there. Hosted by Kasey Bell and Matt Miller, they will give you the scoop of what’s new with Google and different tools to use in your instruction.

You need to be in ‘teacher-mode’ when listening to this one!


Have you heard of bible journaling? This will take you back to your scrapbook roots as a way to connect to the bible and the Lord creatively. Hear from founder, Shanna Noel and others how they express themselves creatively and connect with God.

Not necessarily a devotional series, but a very sweet, uplifting and inspiring podcast!


Run your own small business outside of the classroom and need extra insight? Jenna Kutcher lends her expertise and speaks with other small business owners about their journeys and tips to be successful.

Make sure you have a notepad nearby because there are some awesome tips you need to capture.

Which podcasts have you listened to from my short and sweet list? Which podcasts would you recommend and why?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, on Instagram {@marvelousmsm} or in our Exclusive Facebook Group.

Stay marvelous! 

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