Saturday, March 4, 2017


As the innovator you are, I am sure you go above and beyond with your classroom decor. While grabbing groceries, you always hit up the Target Spot for a cute notepad {or two.} You browse the Hobby Lobby aisles not just for home stuff, but class stuff. And any extra mugs? Well they aren’t “extra” in your eyes; they are brought to school to add to your classroom appeal.
Well, I am EXACTLY THE SAME WAY! Of course it would be super awesome if you could fly into Colorado and we could meet in person. The first thing I would show you is my classroom! But, I know plane tickets are expensive, so I took some pictures instead.

Oh! I also put together a digital shopping list for you to grab some of my favorite pieces that are in my classroom so we can be twinsies.


A cozy reading workspace for independent or partner work. 

Every classroom should have a rocking chair. So old school.


Open up that top drawer and you will see everything and anything thrown in there. 

My growing collection of books, Chrome Book Cart and homemade bulletin board letters.
My favorite space in my entire classroom. 

So, what do you think? Do we have similarities between our rooms? Let me know! 
See something that you love? Check out my shopping list and direct {Amazon affiliate} links below to add a little rustic love in your classroom. 

Stay marvelous!