Monday, February 27, 2017


There are times when you just need to download your creations from Google Slides. In my video tutorial, I will show you how to do exactly that!

I actually do most of my product and worksheet creations with Google Slides since the text boxes and images are easier to manipulate as opposed to Google Docs. {You should try it; your life will be changed!}

It’s helpful to know
different ways to download your Google documents just in case you need them for other mediums that aren’t online.

It’s also helpful if you personally have a Google account and you have access to Google Drive files, but your students don’t so you can download those for them.

When do you use this downloading option to help your productivity? Let me know and send me a message on Instagram @marvelousmsm

Stay marvelous!

Naomi from Marvelous Ms. Meredith 

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