Thanksgiving Elementary STEM Activity to Support 'The Great Turkey Race'

When the holiday season comes upon us, that can be tough in a lot of ways, especially as a teacher. I have found through my teaching experience, having hands-on and engaging tasks for my students during this time can help reign in all the extra energy, but still be meaningful. 

STEM activities are a great way to lift student engagement. In fact, my growing STEM & Stories collection integrates books and a corresponding STEM activity that works for multiple grade levels. 

Let's dive into how STEM is integrated after reading the story The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger.

Software & Hardware: Teaching the Difference in the Elementary Classroom

I love the curiosity in elementary students, especially when it comes to technology and how things work. Naturally, the kids were super into this lesson. 

Here is a snapshot on how I taught the difference between software and hardware in my STEM classroom. I taught this to Kindergarten and 1st grade over the span of 3 days for 40 minute classes.  Of course, this can be adapted for your class and what works best for your kids. 

20 Ways to Use Your Apple Watch in the Classroom

Ok, so I totally understand that buying a smartwatch, specifically an Apple Watch isn't a cheap investment. I haven't bought an expensive piece of technology since I first started teaching since I've been lucky to have access to technology in all the schools I've taught.

Well...I caved in an talked myself into buying an Apple Watch...and I justified it by all the ways in which I can use it in my classroom.

And as the good friend I am, I am going to convince you all the reasons why you need it too.

Elementary STEM Must Have Book List

Whether you are a classroom teacher who is integrating STEM or you are one who teaches STEM as a class, you already know the importance of books and literacy to enhance your instruction.

I have put together a list of books that can give you and your students ideas in the areas of STEM and have them sorted into categories. I will continue to add to this list as I find more great content to share with you all!